Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Ways to Maintain the Performance of your PC

1) Always back up your files. There is a remote possibility that your hard drive could fail or you could encounter a lethal virus that could wipe out your whole hard drive. Invest in USB sticks and back up your important files. Another way to backup is to partition your hard drive and keep copies of important files on each partition. Software such as partition Magic or Handy Backup can help with this. You could also obtain an external hard drive and backup using Norton ghost.
Ways Increase PC Performance
Ways Increase PC Performance
2) Viruses can be backdoors into your computer, making your computer crash or even worse letting hackers gain access to your personal information. Always use an anti-virus program and had it regularly update. You can get some free anti-virus software from the Internet such as AVG, so there is no excuse to keep your computer vulnerable to attack.
3) PCs can be vulnerable to attack even without viruses. Hackers can detect your computer on the Internet and attempt to upload viruses without your knowledge. Therefore it is important to get a firewall. Again firewalls can be obtained free on the Internet one example with the zone alarm. Make sure you set the firewall to on.
4) The recycle bin on the computer is one of the most overlooked items. Remember once you deleted the program or a file the unused files will stay in the recycle bin until you’ve emptied it. Only by entering the recycle bin you free up the space on your hard drive.
5) Defragment your hard drive at least once a month. The defragment tool is available in your system tools. This will ensure that your most commonly run programs will start faster and your overall experience will be smoother. You can also use tools like JKDefrag or Smart Defrag.
6) Make sure you use a Registry cleaner to keep your computer running smoothly. Registry cleaners are available free online.
7) Temporary Internet files especially cookies can clog your hard drive resulting in poor performance of your PC. You can usually quite easily get rid of the temporary Internet files using the disc cleaner in Vista, going to the tools in Internet Explorer.
8 ) Desktop PCs the CPU usually has a fan that cools the processor down. Fans can accumulate dust particles and prevent the blades from going round which will result in the CPU overheating. This can reduce the performance of your computer. Remove the dust particles with a cloth and below the rest of the particles away making sure that you don’t touch the components on the motherboard. Keeping your processor cool is very important.
9) When you install some programs they are automatically placed onto the startup programs list. You may find that after doing a lot of installs your computer may take a long time to startup. Go to the startup items list by going to “run” and typing “msconfig”.You’ll then get a list of the startup programs. Here you can uncheck any programs that you don’t need.
10) Spyware and adware are very similar to viruses in that they can slow your computer down. These can invade your privacy and even damage the PC. Windows vista has a free spyware and adware scanner and of free adware spyware scanners on the Internet such as Spybot search and destroy.
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